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My first computer was a KIM-1. After that, I bought a Commodore VIC-20 and later a Commodore 64. I used the Commodores to teach myself BASIC programming, reading everything I could get my hands on about programming.

I've been involved in data networking since about 1985, when I installed and maintained my first Arcnet networks.

Arcnet used token-passing technology, similar to Token Ring. It used a mix of passive and active hubs, and was interconnected by coax cable. At the time, we ran non-dedicated Novell Netware 86 on an IBM AT with 512k RAM. The server also acted as a point of sale workstation as well. At the time I was building PC clones.


I Learned to write x86 assembly language, mainly using software interrupts to control hardware, such as sending initialization strings to printers, or controlling screen resolutions.

In about 1997, I started designing web sites with HTML. That progressed to using Active Server Pages to write web-based applications. I used Visual BASIC and JavaScript for these applications.

Today, I manage an Ethernet BLAN with about 200 users. I perform configurations on all our Cisco switches and wireless access points. I monitor WAN connections across five states, and provide primary DNS services for our organization in those locations.

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